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1. Christian Fundamentals
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2. General Christian Principles
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3. Prayer, Fasting & Holy Spirit
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4. Spiritual warfare, Deliverance
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5. Christian Evangelism Ministry
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6. Body of Christ Discipleship
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7. Family, Marriage, Singleness
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8. True Financial Freedom
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9. Bible Study -OT & NT
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Topic 5: Christian Evangelism -Ministry to the World
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Topic 5 audio sermons: Christian Evangelism -Ministry to the World







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Audio sermons online at, a Jesus Work Ministry website. Free MP3 sermons, etc, for spiritual growth, Christian living, non-commercial use, and evangelism purposes. Various Christian audio sermons for audio downloads, listening, etc. Every audio sermon MP3 is free. Pentecostal audio sermons, charismatic sermons, Baptist audio sermons, Presbyterian audio sermons, etc on various topics: Christian living, prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare, marriage, Christian singleness, evangelism, Holy Spirit, Christian prophecy, Doctrine, Body of Christ, Bible study, etc                          

Jesus Work Ministry: Non-profit Christian resource ministry for effective spiritual growth & Christian living. Spiritual growth and Christian living resources include topics (articles, books, MP3 audio sermons) on Christian doctrine, basic Christian principles, prayer, fasting, Christian spiritual warfare, Christian deliverance and healing, evangelism ministry, charity ministry, Bible study, prophecy, Christian marriage, Christian singleness, Christian dating, biblical financial prosperity (biblical financial freedom), etc. Major resource center on spiritual warfare, Christian deliverance and healing ministry. Plus free Christian audio sermons - MP3, available for free download from partner Christian websites and our website

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